This page contains PDFs of all of the pieces, scales and arpeggios required for grade 5 on the tenor saxophone.



Asa Branca
É Baiana
Exaltação a Mangueira
Pagode Russa
Que Bonito É
Tem Capoeira
Verde Mar de Navegar


Ab major (12th)
A majors (12th)
B-flat major (2 octaves)
E-flat major (2 octaves)
E major (2 octaves)
F minor (12th)
F-sharp minor (12th)
B minor (2 octaves)
C-sharp minor (2 octaves)
E minor (2 octaves)
Chromatic Scale starting on A-flat (12th)
Chromatic Scale starting on D (2 octaves)
Dominant 7th in the key of C (12th)
Dominant 7th in the key of A-flat (2 octaves) 
Diminished seventh starting on C-sharp (2 octaves)

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